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For all of American History, power has been drawn (or pushed) outward and downward to a greater pool of “users”.  Over time, the franchise restrictions on race, gender, etc. have been removed.  This “broadcasting” of political power has been mirrored by the dissemination of information, Technology has evolved from oral and musical output to use of mass printed material, to digital, almost instantaneous news, with any number of sources.

RSS.  What an oddly short name for something so powerful. It allows us to, if we consciously or unconsciously choose, to severely limit our access to news that doesn’t suit, flatter or otherwise agree with us.  Limiting what information we expose ourselves to can lead to changes in our decisions, and we might not even be aware of how our decision making process has been affected, in the absence of a more comprehensive view of the available information.

Three Topics: 1) Contributions of Irish-Americans to modern American Society, 2) Rugby in America, 3)The Effect of Science fiction and Comic Books on Modern Culture.

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