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I’m feeling a certain amount of anxiety about the IT components of this course.  Which is a condition in which I do not find myself altogether naturally.  I’m not the youngest member of the class, but I come from an entirely tech-friendly/tech-literate generation, and I’m not sure why, as I type this, the words extend beyond the text field, under the publish and format boxes.  Which I find very odd, but slightly less odd than the fact that I don’t know why it’s happening. I do hope that’s not at all significant.

This vid was very informative, though perhaps I again reveal my ignorance when I say that I can almost never tell the difference between things (TCP/IP, OSI, X.25, etc, and that’s only those that are explicitly mentioned, but my confusion extends beyond this presentation) that are:

  • Technological Standards
  • Commercial software
  • Non-proprietary that’s not necessary only ubiquitous.

Hopefully I’m not thought to be a dreadfully backward luddite, but here’s my list of topics again.

  1. The Effect of Irish-Americans on Modern American culture
  2. Rugby in America
  3. What effect, if any, have Comic Books and Science Fiction had on modern America?


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